Where Can I Help in the Deployment of COVID Vaccines?

In a conversation last week and just today even the topic of COVID testing and vaccines came up.

Part of my business involves planning and executing moves for people to facilitate renovations in affordable housing. A very high risk group of folks (seniors, disabled, limited access to good health care, limited family support, and at some cases mental illness) occupy these properties (really community assets in my opinion).

I’m a contractor, not part of a public agency. And most of my clients tend to be private for profit and not for profit entities not aligned with public agencies. I have no access or even sway to help procure COVID tests and certainly not the shots. I have written procedures for working around folks and reporting between other contractors (construction trades and movers mostly) under COVID conditions. I have communication plans to get information out and receive it that promotes distancing.

But I am not in the public health arena.

But! Aren’t I? After all I do have a place on most “essential” worker lists in most states (certainly all I currently work in). In many cases I am a life line as many of my clients won’t engage people in person (but are certainly okay with me doing it, and I do, carefully).

This is where the be part of the cause or part of the problem or solution speech can be played. To date I have neither been called upon to help, nor have I had much reception on my offers to help.

BUT! This has gone on for so long. The evidence is clear that there are gaps all over the place. So Why not just offer up a solution versus the passive approach of just asking if I can help?

I don’t yet know how this will work out, but a few ideas getting underway are:

  1. Connecting with County Health Officials to determine where and when shots are administered. And what the criteria to get one is. Sharing the information attained.

Keep you all posted. If interested in talking off-line feel free to contact me at chad@revivaldevelopmentservices.com.



Dad. Doer.

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