Chad Wakefield
2 min readAug 29, 2021

Revival Office Files — Getting One

When COVID riped through the US, and the world obviously, the practice (or requirement depending on your definition) of going to work in an office went away. It’s come back for some. May never for others.

My relationship with the office is the same and very different than many.

In 2013 my family and I moved to Chandler, AZ from the Bay Area in California. In Oakland I had the corner office as the leader of my former employers business unit. I retained the position (sort of). I offered the space back to my team and no one took it. So I retained the space. But my day to day became working on a built-in desk in our bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment for many months. Eventually that transitioned into a spare bedroom in our new house in 2014.

My office was also very frequently a conference room table, an airplane, airport bar top, Starbucks, car passenger seat. Not un-usual. I adopted a work style that thousands have. The road warrior. Even in my own hood at times skipping around to, many locations in a few hours to keep it interesting. This was the case until March of 2020 — and then again since July of 20'.

At home though, for well over a year, really close to 2 now, I have not had my own home office. Its been shared space. And frequently I need to retreat to the bedroom again, hauling a lot of crap back and fourth. Destabalized instability of work space.

What’s the cost been? Productive potential unrealized? Stream of consciousness interfered with. Open pasture lost for my mind to wander and create? All of those. Yep.

For me. Time for an office.

I’m the only decision maker in my company now. Only one vote counts. My executive board (the family) was consulted and their opinion valued for sure. Some agreement that I should be set up elsewhere.

Certainly no one needs an office anymore to be a legitimate company. Plenty have adapted (or started off) to just having a UPS Store address. Or a co-work membership thing.

I’m going to other way.

Taking down space.

Nothing huge. Or fancy.

Statement? Location that says something about the ethos of the company? Maybe. Taking space in a long-ago renovated hotel in downtown Chandler. Downtown Chandler has been undergoing a long transformation and I will be on a cornerstone block that sparked it.

The possibilities of this move are to be determined and “limitless”. The dream though is to transform how I work, grow my company, create some others, create some great written content and video when I am not focused on delivering for clients.

Mostly the dream is to have a space that is just for work. My work. Not shared. Not split. Not carved out from my living space. Having a gatehring place for others to colllaborate with me. A sanctuary and an attractor and nurturing environment for action and prosperity.

Stay tuned (I hope you will).