Learning is like a path. You have to allow yourself sometimes to get lost and take it, even when the GPS tells you otherwise.

Allowing yourself to get lost opens you to finding what you are looking for, and for it to find you.

Once you find the path that works, stay on it, but allow yourself to take detours periodically. Be a tourist elsewhere. And in parallel travel others. You may also determine to leave the path or take a rest from it. But don’t simply leave what you find behind.

Others may travel the same path. And the benefits may find them as well. They may not see what’s around them in the same way, or at all, as you. Compare notes. If they are not interested, move forward to engage others who may. Nonetheless, share what you learn, and consider the voice of other as well.

Finding a muse. A voice. And outlet to share what you learned is part of life. Doing it constantly is living. If you have an opportunity to teach it to others, take that opportunity.



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