More in 5 and Less in 1 Than You Think

I’m not sure who said it. Came through my brother Bryan Wakefield.

I was thinking about the rate of change. Speed of adoption of tools and tech. And whether or not any one has time to not just be all over everything new immediately.

Firstly it’s impossible to adopt everything from everybody when it hits. Not enough time in the day or sanity to go around. Thank heavens. Thus we constantly over estimate how quickly things will hit and take over. There’s that one year.

But we also under value how much time 5 years really is. The challenge is not to plan for being some place in 5 years. But trying to estimate what’s going to be happening so the opportunity is not lost and we’re not there when it does (and thing actually really interests and gets us excited versus just thinking about cashing in).

So in many ways, we don’t have to adapt stuff immediately.

But to keep up, you do have to investigate and tinker. Manage that experience though and don’t get too sucked in trying to reverse engieer out each new wave to see where it’s at 5 years from now.

Unfortunately, we all still have to make some choices. Bummer. Because those are hard and require more brain power than just following.

Some waves we may just never ride. Too many to count. Put that 80/20 to work.

Find 20% that make tou say “ohhhhh” (under selling that emotion hugely) and ride those. The rest leave them alone.


Dad. Doer.

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