Little MegaPhones

  1. On LinkedIn, if you find someone interesting. Send them an email and invite them to a virtual coffee. If you’re in the same area, a real one. Don’t do a sales pitch to them in disguise either. If your just selling, tell them you are only making contact for a transactional purpose. Message them if their email is not available for the same purpose — connect not transact.
  2. Other platforms. DM someone versus just going insane and posting crazy diatribes or snarky comments. If they piss you off so much to blast them in public, take a more thought provoking approach and strike up a conversation with them directly. Maybe you become friendly adversaries in thought and then just pals; hell James Carville and Mary Matalin started a family, I bet we can find a real, actual beer buddy. After all if you strongly disagree with someone, you probably have more in common than you’d imagine. Common ground in passions more than specific ideas often.
  3. If you have so much to say in posts. Pull back for a minute and try writing a long form piece or recording your hinged and lucent thoughts in a video on YouTube. Get in the game baby. Maybe you have something deeper and more interesting to offer than just a drive by. I believe in you. Take your mind for a walk or s trip but letting it unleash a thought for longer than a 10 second burst.

Dad. Doer.

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Chad Wakefield

Chad Wakefield

Dad. Doer.

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