It Was Always Right Around the Moon

A passage from Harold and the Purple Crayon reads.

I’d never heard that story or read it myself until my son was a little tiny baby guy.

I was looking for books for him that had a deeper expression of dreams and imagination than what I was seeing.

I used to sing him a song that had the word dream in it about 50 times. That was important to me as a father to express to him the importance of dreams. Input and output of creativity.

So I came upon that book about Harold.

For many years I read it to him several times a week. Hard copy and Kindle.

I have not asked him what he recalls from the story or how it made him feel like a toddler. Someday. He remembers the basic tale.

For me though. It had an impact. Even in my ridiculously cynical late 30’s. It rang true and had an impact on me.

It invigorated something in me. Made me think of the magic and wonder that we can create and share with a dream or a simple crayon.

A whole world.

Creating the boat to carry us forward instead of giving up and perishing at sea. Sharing our pie instead of being wasteful when we’ve taken more than we needed. Respecting the input of others even if it did not change the direction we were going in. The value of the journey even if we came back to the point of our beginning. Home is likely where it was before you left to find another reality.

Simple tale.

Not simply just a story for bedtime.



Dad. Doer.

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