Ideal Customer

Reading some stuff on marketing. A key topic is on the Ideal Customer. Hmmm.

Ideal customer is one I can help, who I can learn something from, and frankly pays the bill for what they hire me for.

Why limit so much through over definition or developing an “avatar”.

I like too many folks to imagine an “avatar” such as the striking fellow above. I don’t want to imagine the ideal. Again, why be so narrow? I want to imagine the problem. The need. The outcome I think I can get to for them. What I can deliver or develop for them.

Sure time is finite. And some people can just wear you out. But ones experience with customers I think is much more about them and their own issues than those of the customer. Figure out as many people to help as you can, and I think you will do well.

Something Seth Godin said sticks in my head. Seth says love what you do if you are a pro.

So if you love what you do. Does it matter who you do it for? By design you would be doing what you love for those who need or want it.

So your ideal customer is who needs or wants what you love that will buy from you. I think you could waste a helluva a lot of time drawing “avatars”.

Dad. Doer.

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Chad Wakefield

Chad Wakefield

Dad. Doer.

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