I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast with Rick Rubin, the renowned record “producer”.

Rick had much of the soundtrack of my youth (all of which I still listen to today), Slayer, Run DMC, the Cult, Danzig, Public Enemy….plus several others who did not put the first record out 30+ years ago.

He was responding to a question about what gets in artist ways when they are trying to create.

“Ego”, the type that makes them think everything they have done is great. The type that does not allow them (because they don’t see the need) to edit their work, or even strip it down totally, or start over.

This is a powerful thought. It merges with one I heard from a landscape architect years ago about letting go when drawing.

We aren’t always great, or even good. Some stuff you will need to re-write, re-build, or just spend more time with — set it aside and come back to it. Still need to keep creating.





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