Bring the Fun Back to Business

Chad Wakefield
3 min readDec 18, 2020




Yes! Fun!

Why else do it (basic survival assumed to be taken care of)?

I was able to use a little bit of post-Thanksgiving and Pre-Winter Holiday slowdown in my schedule (brief as it has been) to do a “Think” week(ish). I used that time to really think and study up on what I should be focused on and what’s important to me; what I wanted to do and would look forward to.

Going into that opportunity (investment and time made) one thing really stood out for me. PARTNERING — Teaming Up, Leveraging. Why? Will get to that in a minute.

I read a short book that I have had on my shelf for at least a decade (a holdover from my former habit of book acquisition binging, now Kindle and Audible acquisition binging — hoarding?).The book is Developing Strategic Alliances by Ed Rigsbee.

Key thing I took away from reading Rigsbee was a big benefit from partnering up, even with a competitor, is to bring some fun back to business. Do what you like to do, and enjoy, and are good at. Let your partner do the same. Together you can do a lot and have a lot of fun. BRILLIANT!

This was a great take away for me. I was already open and willing, and wanting to explore partnerships even more than I have. Deep down I think the fun aspect was there in the WHY for me. But Rigsbee helped me define that point.

My desire to partner was mostly steeped in wanting to increase the relationships I have, learn more about more people, exposure to more and different types of projects and deals, do more, expand my geographic service footprint, and HELP MORE. Why? This is the fun stuff for me. The juice! The sizzle! Ignites my inner Silverback.

Question though is, what defines a partnership or teaming opportunity for me? MEGA MILLIONS or headline grabbing stuff? Certainly high-profile and high profit stuff is awesome, and I want some of that. I want to be awesome. Mostly though I want to enjoy what I am doing, who I am doing it with, and ultimately seeing an impact.

So for me, partnering, teaming, leveraging can simply be sharing some ideas or having a chat that helps someone; which ultimately helps me. In some way that will come back to me. It will come back in the way of friendship, more and better things to do, and a bigger world to participate in. And I helped impact a lot more folks.

That’s FUN!

Chad Wakefield

Chief Champion of You!!!