Bridge Builder

Chad Wakefield
1 min readFeb 15, 2022


Figuratively what more or better is there to do than to build bridges for people.

What’s a bridge represent?

Connection: One point to another. One person to another. One community to another. Idea to idea. Solution to solution.

Passage. Help across an expanse that could be otherwise impassable, too treacherous, time prohibitive or ornery to cross.

Innovation. A simple solution to get across one of those expanses to where they are trying to get to.

Salvation. A saving grace for or from something. A Revival? Relief. Solitude in a solution or path.,

Being Chief Champion of You requires us to build brides. Or sketch it out to see if it may help you where you’re going, or if it’s one too far in a direction that leads you where you don’t need or want to go.

Feel free to contact me at. +14804350623 or if I you think I can sketch one or build one for you.