Chad Wakefield
2 min readDec 29, 2020

Being Respectfully or Lovebly Weird

A few days back I was reading an HBR article by Michael Gervais that popped up on my LinkedIn feed (Chad Wakefield, PMP is me there). It was all about being yourself and the original “you” coming out. Gervais had a line in there. “Be respectfully weird”. Wikihow also calls it Loveably Weird. Not just ticks. But unique features of “you”.

I liked it and decided immediately I wanted to use it some how. It’s not an immediate catch phrase that I think all will get. It takes some explaining I think — at least does to me.

My immediate take from the statement was be brave enough, bold enough, and risky enough to let out what’s inside you. Things that you may likely, at times, take some steps to hide.

So long as it’s not creepy (STOP!!!! No creepy. Keep that to you and your dark side). Let it out, don’t walk it back. And sure as HELL don’t say sorry for it. Many waste a lot of breathe and credibility for Apologizing for nothing.

A few of mine. Maybe these are ticks and not features? You decide for you. I like these as fun features of ME.

1. I talk to myself. I don’t answer back and don’t argue. But I do often, and around others, talk out loud to me. Helps me to sort thoughts, at times break through frustration, and get rhythm when I am trying to get on a roll. Also helps keep me rolling and in rhythm when I am in a little bit of a flow.

2. I tell stories often. I often relate a topic that I am trying to convey through a story or situation.

3. I do a little heavy metal mouth band. Sort of like humming. Only it makes a jumbled, aggressive drums and guitars sound (sounds awesome in my head — just like Slayer in 89').

Where does this come from? Not sure. But in some ways these make me unique. Ridicule worthy? Maybe, but I hope I am no longer around sophmores.

Chances are though that if you let a little out, it will endear folks to you, show you approachable, and relax folks around you.

Try it out.