10 Things I Learned in Year Two

Chad Wakefield
2 min readFeb 26, 2022

As I conclude my second full year of operating Revival Development Services, LLC I’m looking around (not back) on what I learned. Did this is in 2021 also (https://chad-revival.medium.com/what-have-i-learned-in-year-1-being-open-98d4b5bab175).

Just like that great blues man, Calhoun Tubbs, https://youtu.be/GVt-3aZPaD8, here’s the 10 from year 2.

  1. No one loves you like you do. So don’t go for love.
  2. Take a vacation. You’re going to spin plates to do it. Beg borrow and steal the time. Whatever’s important in your life is going to be with you longer than the business no matter how long you get to stay in the game.
  3. Don’t believe the hype. If you had a tremendous first year, be fearful that it won’t carry forward to another.
  4. Fear is good. (https://music.apple.com/us/album/fear-is-a-mans-best-friend/1443599361?i=1443599365). Find fear. Look around for the rough and mean.
  5. Don’t over correct. Shits going to happen. Let it, figure out what, and move on. Don’t rebuild over one flaw.
  6. Wear you’re scars. You earned them. Unless you’re dead, they have not killed you. Fly it like your freak flag. No one has the exact story so it makes you interesting. And shows the world you can take a punch.
  7. Say thank you. To everyone. Even the energy suckers.
  8. Say fuck it more than I fucked up. Did you really? And will wallowing in admissions help you? No. But do ask if you’ve caused harm.
  9. Defy you’re logic. Defy you’re gut. You’re often more emotional than you think. So you’re logic and gut can get cloudy from being sad, glad, happy, or mad.
  10. At the top of your idea board, write either Stop or Sell. You have to decide every day if you’re going to keep it up. Be honest that most days you may want to hang it up. Then don’t do it, you’re in this for a reason. Maybe you’ve not spent enough time understanding those may have changed. The feeling could be stress or could be a signal to make some changes so you don’t feel like giving up.